About Me

Hi! I’m SUMIE. Welcome to my blog! I’m so thrilled that you’re here. First of all, Let’s get to know each other. I play many roles in my life… daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, wife, first-time mom, the hospitality professional, passion-fuelled researcher…the list goes on and on but most importantly I like to call myself an advocate of creating the best mommy life and helping moms to find a way to truly love motherhood and making most of it.

Welcome to My New Beginnings

This year has been unreal, an amazing year of magnificent transformation with the love of my life! I finally got married in Jan 2018 after 11 years of relationship with my partner in crime and now, we are a proud parent of a gorgeous little bundle of joy, Shreyan, who is the biggest inspiration for me to initiate this blog. Having a baby changed my life but in a good way, you may think how? It completely simplified my life to be more efficient, motivated and assertive. I absolutely LOVE being a first-time mom, which is the best thing ever! It taught me to be in the moment, to learn new things each day to be the best version of myself, expand my ideas and creativity about what it means to LIVE a fully intentionally and meaningful mommy life and also at the same time identify and pursue my personal goals.

What’s in it for you?

ShineMommylife is a place for encouragement, mom-to-mom inspiration, and titbits’ of advice on mommy related topics based on my personal experiences plus lots of research learned along the way. I believe that being a mom really is the best feeling! So it is amazing to be able to share this experience with all you mommies out there. If you are a new mom or mom parent, you are in the right place! This blog is the source to reach out and help mommies, including myself, have a more positive perspective on life, and the things around them while enjoying this amazing motherhood offering you some valuable advice that might ease the pressure a bit and help you live your best mommy life. Moreover, this blog also focuses on tips and tricks for making family life more organized, efficient, LAUGH and fun. I’m just getting started; I hope you will stay for a while to shine your mommy life brighter and happier. Keep Shining! I would love to hear from you!With Love, Sumiz Sa

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