30+ Clever Breastfeeding Tips To Make Life Insanely Easier

Breastfeeding – It is a natural process that has benefits for you and your baby and it’s a challenge that moms love and embrace!

When it comes to mommy’s life, I have always been looking for some ways to make my life easier. Being a mother is tough especially if you are a first-time breastfeeding, it is often not very easy at all.

Whether you have troubles with supply or your baby’s latch, sometimes it can feel like it just isn’t working at all. I know because I have been there! Making an arduous effort at the beginning and the learning along the way with experience and discovering ways to deal with it.

Therefore, to help you breastfeeding mammas out there, I wanted to compile the ultimate breastfeeding tips and hacks list which has helped me to breastfed successfully. I hope this will also assist you to self-care, save time and take care of your baby just a little easier! So be sure to keep in mind!

Nursing Hacks & Tips

Feed on demand

If you’re looking to increase your milk supply, a simple hack is feeding your baby on demand – Never on schedule. Also, you have to focus on increasing the frequency of feeds – More the demand, more the supply. You can also increase milk supply with some delicious lactation recipes which is explained later on this post.

Simplified mom recommends breastfeeding as often as possible even when you’re working! Make every effort to feed your baby yourself during lunch or in the evenings that helps to boost milk supply!

Further, if you are pumping mom, then definitely continue pumping and nursing after going back to work. Check out other amazing tips to increase milk supply from Lactation Link.

Nighty Night Nursing Light

This product is so handy during night feedings without disturbing your baby sleep. A soft glow clip can easily be attached to your nursing bra or clothing which helps you to track feedings with vibration alarm to set the length of it plus mommy if you are falling asleep this will wake you up!!

Use a Hair tie to Mark which Breast to Nurse Next

When breastfeeding it is really important that you switch breasts on each feed so that it will prevent different size breasts.

Nursing cover

For first time mom, it can be little awkward to breastfeed in the public. Use nursing coverto feed your baby with no hesitation. This will help you to get used to with breastfeeding.  It also gives you more time to help your little one latch properly. If you are planning to go out, do not forget to carry your shawls or wraps scarfs which works perfectly too.

Milk Collector storage Bag

Use this award winner milk-saver storage bag that allows you to save every drop of precious breast milk contains no BPA. When I was pregnant, I bought nursing pads but never used it until now. With this hack, you need no more nursing pads or milk-stained shirts.

Image5-Milk-Saver Breast Milk Collector Storage (Source- Amazon)

Wear knitted beads necklace

To keep your baby busy while breastfeeding, try to wear knitted beads necklace as the baby gets older they tend to move a lot. Believe me, you will have scratches all over your neck and arms or sometimes even lips. Also, this hack is helpful if your baby is on carrier or sling.


Image6- Handmade Knitted Necklace Unsplash.com

The Nursie Slip-on Breastfeeding Arm Pillow

I love the Nursie – this item is must-have for every breastfeeding moms. Why? It can easily slide over your forearm and helps to support the baby’s head and neck providing comfort for your baby. It also allows mom to maintain better posture while reducing gas and reflux for baby. Plus point is, it is portable, compact and travel-friendly. It perfectly fits in your Diaper Bag. Alternatively, you can also make use of travel neck pillow.

Face Massage

If you want your baby to fall asleep faster, face massage is an awesome hack. I have been doing this ever since my baby was a few days old and I am still doing it, it really helps.

Clip your baby’s nail

While breastfeeding your hands are free therefore clip your baby’s nail while your little one asleep. Ensure while cutting, a hand is away from the face or use the cutter that collects nails inside the clipper.

Breastfeeding Kit

Keep a breastfeeding Kit right where you normally feed the baby for easy access. I filled up the kit with baby essentials like nipple cream (I Love Lanolin), books, notebook, earbuds, massage oil, nail clipper, creams plus a mini packs of trail nuts, dark chocolate bars, water bottle, hair tie. It’s always good to prepare the kit in advance so that you can save time running around like a crazy person trying to get the water or grabbing some fruit while feeding. Preparation is always the key!

Breastfeeding in Public is legal

This was honestly one of my biggest worries before our little one arrived, but it definitely good to know that it is legal to feed your baby anywhere you like as long as you are comfortable (Source: Parents). There are many restaurants that welcome breastfeeding moms in the café or restaurant. They have this little sign place in the entrance. Next time you go out – watch out those signs!

Learn more awesome tips breastfeeding in public by Simplifiedmotherhood.

Breastfeeding Position

Breastfeeding in various positions makes easier for both mom and baby – creates relaxation and recovery. Try to attempt different position that relaxed you and your baby better. I like the side-lying position for getting rest and during night feedings. How about you? Let me know in the comments section below.

Image7: Breastfeeding Position by Shutterstock and Unsplash

Breastfeeding/Lactation Classes

For a successful breastfeeding experience, you can also attend breastfeeding classes or contact lactation consultation for support to help you and baby become successful at breastfeeding. From my personal experience, I attended Prenatal classes at our community centre which has helped me a lot to build confidence and it was also a great way to meet other moms and share each other journey.

Breast Milk Hacks & Tips

Save that unwanted Breastmilk

I wish I knew earlier about his amazing hack before I chuck that precious breast-milk into the sink, which is useful for moms and babies.

According to Cafemom, Breast milk can be used to treat diaper rash, itches & bites, makeup remover, eczema, cracked nipples, baby acne, burns and many more. I have used it on dry patches of my baby’s forehead and it worked.

Use Breastmilk for baby food

Another great hack is using breast milk to think your baby food puree. This helps to boost the nutrients in baby’s food adding a familiar taste and smooth consistency.

NEVER use previously frozen milk if you are going to freeze the baby food.

Breastmilk Popsicle

Another cool hack is to make some Popsicle from Breastmilk. Freeze some breastmilk in ice cube tray, and use a pacifier, food feeder or plastic spoon to hold like a stick in place, and there you are! It’s great for your sick and teething baby too and your kids will absolutely LOVE this healthy treat! Read more on how to make this treat here!

Storing Breastmilk with Triple 6 Rule

If you are a pumping mom, you must know the guidelines for storing your precious milk. Mama Natural describes Triple 6 Rule of Storing Milk which means Milk must be store Six hours at room temperature, six days in the refrigerator and six months in the deep freezer. Easy to remember, isn’t it? Exact time recommendations do vary across government agencies; however, these are the generally accepted guidelines Via Mama Natural.

Image8: Milk storing guidelines by Mama Natural

Use hot water to warm up the milk

A simple yet effective hack is to use hot water to warm up the frozen breast milk. Since I used to work in hospitality, I knew this trick from a very long time. It is pretty simple and avoids killing nutrients of milk. Simply, place the bottle with milk in a cup and then turning on the hot water and running it into the cup until the milk heated up enough. It is easier and quicker to keep the bottle under hot water but remember to avoid touching the brim of the bottle to avoid water entering.

Check Milk Temperature on a wrist

I learn this hack from my Mom, you could use the same method when checking the temperature of the milk – just make use of your wrist. It should neither be too hot nor too cold.

Pumping Hacks

Nurse and Pump at the same time

If you looking to save some time then why not feed the baby while you pump. This hack takes some skill but it’s a great time saver and milk maker. You can collect milk down while nursing which means you don’t have to sit an extra hour for pumping.

I love this hack! I have been doing this ever since I got my Haakaa pump and I just love it! Have you heard about Haakaa Pump? It’s a magical manual breast pump made in New Zealand, my first ever pump after careful research and it’s totally worth it. So far had an effective pumping experience! Similarly, Mamaonparade also had a very positive experience with this product how simple it is to use, portable and effective yet eco-friendly! If you want exclusive pumping tips while nursing then click here.

Image1. Haakaa Breast Pump – Generation 3

Invest in Manual Breast pump/Milk savers

Do not let that precious gold go to waste! Always try to invest in MILK Savers or A Haakaa and save all the milk for many benefits. It eliminates the risk of spilling your milk.

As mentioned earlier about Haakaa, I highly recommend to all moms out there to help you live your life easier. It does most of the work for you even though its called manual pump. It is very simple to use – all you do is suction it on to your breast and collect your precious liquid gold from your let down.

My biggest tip is getting the new addition Haakaa pump called Generation 3 which is so convenient and quick to switch from pump to bottle for feed or use it as a milk container. Click here for more info about the pump! and also follow their Instagram story to receive updates, discounts and so many live positive feedback on their stories.

Image2: Haakaa Baby bottle + Haakaa pump

Place pumping parts into the fridge

I loved this idea from restingmomface is to put your pump parts in the fridge, which completely saves time. This hack is especially for moms that exclusively pump. Washing pumping parts get old real quick! In between feeding options, you could store those parts in the fridge for up to 6 days without washing them (the same amount of time your milk can safely stay in the fridge. However, since you are using these parts at room temperature, this method should safely be used no more than three separate pumping sessions (even so, be aware of how long your parts sit out).

Look at your baby picture/videos

If you are away from your baby while pumping then keep a picture of them with you. This will help you with let down!

Use Coconut Oil

Apply little coconut oil around your nipples to prevent sticking to the pumping plastic in addition ot helps to cure cracked nipples too. This hack just makes it so much easier during the pumping session. If you use Lanolin, it will cause extra friction during the session.

DIY  Hacks

Hands-Free Pumping Bra

This thing is super handy and it is made way less of hassle which means you have the freedom to work on tasks or simply relax while pumping. It works with all major brands – Including Medela, Philips AVENT, Lansinoh, Bellema, Evenflo, and Spectra Baby. Don’t worry if it’s not in your budget, you can simply try this DIY pumping bra made out of an old sports bra. It’s cheap, quick and easy to use. Click here to check out the awesome DIY video.

The Double t-shirt method

I have never bought any maternity clothes specifically because I knew this awesome hack – Breastfeeding with the double t-shirt trick. It’s pretty self-explanatory: wearing a nursing tank under a t-shirt. This simply works great and for easy and swift access you can just pull the shirt up and the tank down and voila!

Use Baby Wipes Container

Use empty Baby wipes container to store breast milk like Huggies pop-up tub. This way it completely lay flat and don’t fall over. Moreover, you can also use sticks to freeze your milk so that they are easily poured into the bottle and you also know exactly how much you need per feeding.

Use Coke Carton box

Another great idea to store breast milk in the freezer is to use a coke box or any soft drinks box. This way it takes up less space, easy and quick to thaw frozen milk and you don’t need expensive supplies. Check out more tips on storing breast milk here.

Health and Fitness Tips

Healthy Snack List

Breastfeeding moms need quick bites that are healthy, full of vitamins and nutrients. I love this snack list which is pretty easy to make and you can make ahead of time in order to help you feel energised and fuel while nursing. Likewise, one-handed Snack ideas will also be very helpful to all you breastfeeding mama’s especially when you are home alone.

Image3: Healthy Nuts Unsplash.com

Tasty Healthy Lactation Recipes

Little did I know about these healthy lactation recipes to boost my milk supply! You can find it all over PInterest that are healthy and best tasting to increase breast milk supply while curbing your sweet craving. Click here to join the board on PInterest. to see the best recipes from a smoothie, muffins to cookies and many more. If you wish to increase milk supply naturally, then here’s the giant list of natural remedies to increase milk supply. 

Image4. Homemade Lactation Oat Cookie

Stay Hydrated

While breastfeeding you need to drink water more than ever before. It not only helps your body healthy and functional but also aids to recover faster and boost your milk supply. Life with a baby is busy and sometimes you can’t be on top of your hydration needs, therefore, I would recommend you to carry a water bottle wherever you go! Fill up the water bottles beforehand, easily accessible in your nursing room, living room and bedroom just have extra lying around where you can grab easily.

Burn Calories

You may have heard breastfeeding helps to burn calories. Yes! You heard it correct. It will burn 425-700 calories a day (source), therefore you need to increase calorie intake by 500 calories each day. That means if you want to lose weight you need to ensure that the calories intake should be a healthy one, not empty calories from sweets of fast food snacks.

Lose Weight

I believe losing weight is about making life changes in how you eat and think about food. There is simply no formula while breastfeeding. As I mentioned earlier, breastfeeding helps to burn calories, therefore, the hack is you simply need to eat healthy foods, cut out the sugar intake, processed foods, and eat natural carbs and whole grains to lose baby weight while maintaining your milk supply. In this way, You will have more energy, and more self-confidence and much healthier ever. Read more on weight loss tips by livesimplybetter and her experience on intermittent fasting!

Your body will love you for it; your fat will eventually see the fat melting off.

That’s a Wrap!

These Breastfeeding tips for beginners are not a set of strict guidelines or rules. Sometimes it goes fine and sometimes it needs more work. If you are a new mom, I hope this post will somehow help you to make your nursing journey even easier and better! And I promise you it will get easier with the time.

Over to You!

We want to hear from you, mamas! What is/was the hardest part of breastfeeding? What is your advice to get through it? Let me know your favourite hack or tips in the comments or on our Contact US form and please do not hesitate to message me directly for more conversation on our Facebook page.

Thank you for your valuable time.

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How To Stay Motivated As A First-Time Mom

How to Stay Motivated As a First-time Mom


Being a first-time mom is a life-changing event in any woman’s life – your priorities, your hormones, your body… Everything changes. It is a thrilling and amazing experience but can understandably is a little scary as well. At first, you go through that exciting period from mom-to-be to being a mom, who can be often, be hectic and heady. As a result, your motivation may drop which can impact on how you think and feel about everything – sometimes you feel over the moon and sometimes you feel down with frustration with your new addition in life. It is tough!

The realization as a new mother and being responsible for another human, so dependent on you, can throw you for a loop but the truth is having a baby will make you realize we as women are powerful creatures and this will simplify to be more efficient, assertive and motivated towards your life. Having said that, sometimes our energy level and spirit begin to drop down, however, only YOU can keep your mindset positive to motivate and uplift your mood quickly. I understand as a first-time mom, it happened to me a lot of time when things don’t go as I plan but following the below ways has helped me to stay motivated during my motherhood journey.

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Here are my 12 Awesome tips to stay motivated that may help you on your motherhood journey:

  1. Turn Negative Thoughts into Positive

There are times when you have a productive day, but yet upon reflecting, you may focus on negatives. Do you agree? It happened to me most of the times particularly during the First week with my newborn. At times I felt delighted whenever I meet the needs and wants of my baby and at times I felt overly fatigued, frazzled and at a loss whenever I couldn’t figure out what I am doing. I find myself feeling resentful and angry at everything.

When life gives you lemons, you should try to make lemonade“, You are in control of every situation whether it’s positive or negative. The more you can turn your negative perspective into positives, the more fulfilled and happier your life will be.

  1. Embrace The Moment

I know as a first time mom there’s a lot of things going on your mind. Do not over think; always try to nourish your mind with positive emotions. You have to learn to appreciate what you have and the current moment with your baby. Time flies in the blink of an eye hence you need to take a moment, embrace while it last and think what you can do on the day with your baby to relish that time. You can’t get back the time but if you have memories it can surely get back. Grab the good stuff and prolong your happiness.

“Appreciate what a wonder baby you have – those chubby chicks”.

Take the opportunity to embrace this time and have fun with your little one, get out and enjoy your new family.

  1. Do What You Love

Bringing your best qualities when doing what you love is often helpful for you and for baby. It helps you to focus on your inner strengths and the level of engagement increases for the baby. For example, I love playing the guitar so whenever it’s a playtime I grab this opportunity to learn new songs and sing along that helps not only me but also my baby to be able to communicate with me.

Likewise, take a walk or breaks no matter how short to make you feel refresh, energise and run your own errands. 

Short walk At Lake Hayes, Queenstown

  1. Keep a Gratitude Journal

This is one of my favourite ideas to stay motivated that is by jotting down my feelings on the journal which has helped me to focus and identify the things that I am grateful for. For instance,

  • Thank you, Dear Husband, for always being there for your love and support.
  • Thank you to my Little Hero for being my son and making me smile every morning.

Keep your gratitude journal (or just a blank paper is fine) by your bedside where you can reach and each night list 3-5 positive experiences from the day.

“Why Gratitude? Because it feels good and is a healthiest most transformative commitments that we can make to life – Ourselves and each other”

Recording things and experiences for which you’re grateful has lasting positive effects for up to six months thus creating happiness and positive way which I have applied in my day-to-day to life. *Click the above link to learn more about the power of gratitude to implement in your daily routine.

5. Talk with your Family and Reconnect with Friends

Keep the connection with your family and friends – by doing this you feel strong, motivated and confident. For many moms, family support is one of the cornerstones of a happy life. It’s always a good idea to talk to your old friends from school or college. It helps to bring back those memories, which could make your day, and as a result, your day will be productive.

Remember! “Friends in need are Friends indeed”. So, do not hesitate to reconnect with each other.

  1. Surround Yourself with Good People

Take a look around – Are you surrounded by happy people who can make you laugh for no reason? Do you get a boost to see those happy people? Indeed, when you surround yourself with positive people such as positive moms, workmates, managers their positivity will rub off on you and eventually your motivation peaks up. This is true, “Who you spend time with the most is who you will become”. Your friends, family, and the people you are connected to – they all will insanely inspire for your support. Therefore, it is important that you surround yourself, positive minded people.

Surround yourself with really good people. I think that’s an important thing. Because the people you surround yourself are a reflection of you“quoted by Aaron Rodgers – love this!

  1. Focus on one area to improve at a time

Giving attention to just one particular area is another way of creating motivation for you. This will help you to stay in full attention and avoid being overwhelmed. As a first time mom, the most concerning thing after baby might be your career, family, appearance, etc. thus if you push yourself to find out which areas you want to improve then this will help to work on improving your perspective.

For instance, I am focusing on fitness at the moment to lose some baby weight while maintaining my milk supply ( I’m a Breastfeeding mom). So what I aim for is to be able to do a  20-30 minutes home workout in my busy routine. I would highly recommend you to watch Body Fit By Amy on YouTube (Click this link) to see 30-minute postnatal exercise which has definitely helped me to burn fat and tone up after pregnancy. I’ve tried her workout videos during pregnancy as well and it was awesome!

  1. Be a part of Social and Community groups

Whether it’s social media group or you’re nearby community group – try and connect to be part of it.

  • Social Media can be beneficial when it comes to your tribe. You can easily join the most influential FB moms groups, which helps stay-home mom, or working mom lives easier. Recently, I have joined FB groups like Mom’s Time Well Spent, Redefining Mom, Breastfeeding Moms etc. which are a source of my motivation plus the love, support and valuable information shared within the group is extremely group. Don’t worry, these groups are all private you can freely ask a question and share your experience to help other moms too.
  • Get involved in the Community Group, the members are immensely helpful in daily life and will motivate throughout your motherhood journey. e.g. there is a group like stroller meet-ups, breastfeeding moms, coffee groups etc., which are free to join where you have the opportunity to share your new journey with other moms.

*Recently, I came across one article by Kate Spencer regarding FACEBOOK MOMS, which was really touching because in her site she mentioned, “How a group of mothers,” I’ve never even met have helped me survive to raise a kid”.  What you waiting for? Keep reaching out to this group, and Remember! You’re not alone in this motherhood journey.

  1. Find Inspiration

One of the best ways to motivate yourself is to find the inspiration; it could be anything you like, a celebrity, family member, an outfit, image etc. For me, Inspiration comes from my little one to do better in life and also reading books, success stories, motivational videos, quotes, other blogs and following successful people on social media. The other way I like to do is to print out My Favorite Motivational Quotes and post it on the wall where you spent most of your time. You can even frame it to make it look pretty or stick in the fridge. By doing this simple idea, it will help you to remind every time you see it and to get through your toughest day. Those feelings will further help you to find your drive to motivate your mind to lead a life, creating success and to be that better version of you.

Read more motivational quotes that will get you through even toughest day – “Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day”. 

My motivation frame in our living room

  1. Take Baby Steps

If you’re having a hard time getting started, then I would suggest you take a small step at a time. For instance, if you want to exercise, do 2 minutes of plank or push up and stick for a week. Do not think big yet that you have to do hard intense workout every 5 days in a week,  take small baby steps and again slowly increase it to 4 minute the next week but remember to stick with the same time nor more and nor less and without even you realize you will start building the routine and in a month you will be doing around 30min workout. Thus, tiny steps will add up to a lot of progress in whatever you want to do and eventually success will be in your hand.

  1. Hang in There!

Don’t worry, it’s okay if you get frustrated or feel completely frazzled with your baby especially when trying to figure out what he wants and when you are mistaken or maybe he won’t go back to sleep. This doesn’t mean you are a terrible mother or you don’t love your baby. All you need is the TIME and PATIENCE, a time to settle with your new addition in your life and a Patience which will make everything right with the time.

To sum up, here’s my Pro Tips For You!

  • Having a Positive Perspective with practice and determination will lead to a fulfilled and happier life.
  • Get your partner into the picture. It is always a good idea to get some time alone to do so allow your partner to take care of the baby.
  • Take a walk or breaks no matter how short to make you feel refresh, re-energize and run your own errands.
  • Aim to write a journal for once or twice a week. Focus on writing about people than things – showing gratitude tends to be more meaningful.
  • Seize the moment of transitions and if you get stuck in this life events you must push yourselves to move.


I hope you all enjoyed my first post and I truly hope through my motivational ways, it will somehow help you to shine on your motherhood journey.

Over to You…

What do you do stay motivated? Or, have any tips or advice to add to this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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